Random Marketing Online…nooooo

How effective is it to make random posts on a social media account or boost a few Facebook posts Facebook?  Does it get you more engagement? No. Does it get you more sales? No. Why? You have no strategy.

You heard of the old saying…”If you fail to plan then, plan to fail.”

Some businesses have a basic marketing plan but they don’t have a digital marketing plan.  Social media and other Internet-based marketing strategies are pertinent to increasing sales and to getting the results you want.

Now…a digital marketing plan should focus on your goals, your target, acquisition methods, timelines, and the resources you’ll need.

  • First, figure out what you want and your desired outcome.
  • Second, create a customer profile. This profile should contain your customer archetype. This profile will be a tremendous help when it comes to advertising. Archetypes help you advertise to a targeted audience that is mostly likely to gravitate towards your product or services.
  • Third, map things out. For instance, your sales funnel will be targeted towards your customer archetype but you should map out how you want the sales funnel to look and the steps it is going to include. The steps should follow-business rules and marketing methods that are designed to convert your customer archetypes into buyers or members of your business community.
  • Fourth, define your resources. Resources include financial resources, human resources and marketing resources or tools. You will need a budget for ad spend and hiring marketing staff or consultants and you need to figure out the best and most efficient tools to use for your goals. For instance, I use Hootsuite to schedule automatic social media posts to sustain customer engagement.

So plan. Create a marketing roadmap. This roadmap will save you time and money. Spend your money in the target areas for better results.

Nina, Market Lingo Review

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