Quality Traffic is Fundamental to Your Business

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Hello Friends,

Getting getting quality and targeted traffic is fundamental and an essential part of building a successful online business. You may have the best website, best product, or best service but who will know?  How will anyone find you in the vast amount of cyberspace that is constantly growing? It would be very difficult

Making money online involves acquiring the right customer base or audience base that buy will buy your products or services over and over again. Building this customer base requires you to target you ideal clients and customers by using the most reliable traffic resource and the best resource suited for your type of business.

Soooooo…let’s look at a few ways to get your product and services in front of as many people as you can who are interested in what you have to offer.

First, let’s look at FREE Traffic. You should take advantage of this type of traffic wherever it is manifested. Social Media, Youtube videos, Guest Blogging, and SEO are resources to build your customer base for free. For instance, you can post interesting information and informative information on Facebook and share your post within targeted Facebook groups. Don’t forget about creating a Facebook Fan Page for targeting audiences. You can publish an Instagram story on a specific target niche topic and share your story among like followers and users. Don’t forget about creating Youtube videos on target  topics. Making these videos go viral increases your chances of acquiring more potential customers. You can also write a guest blog post on someone’s popular blog. Just make sure their heavy following are full of people who may be interested in your product or service. Finally, you can always optimize your landing pages, blog posts, and your website to get optimal placement on search engines. Using popular SEO techniques like keywords and trends, particularly long-tail keywords, and tagging increases your chance of getting in front of the right people searching for your product or services. So go ahead do some SEO to increase rank on popular search engines.

Second, let’s look at PAID Traffic resources. Paid traffic is essentially traffic that you can control. You control it because you have the ability to send paid traffic to whatever webpage, sales funnel, YouTube channel, social media page you choose. For instance, when you use Google Ads, even though Google owns the traffic, you can send the traffic acquired directly to an affiliate link or sales funnel. Actually anywhere! As long as you are paying for the traffic you can tell Google where you want it sent. This remains true for mostly all ads services on the Internet. Another example would be Facebook paid traffic. You can create ads in Facebook to show to a narrow and targeted audience o your choice. You control who the ads are sent to AND where the new traffic is sent.

Finally, let’s look at Traffic you own. One of the things you need to do to “own” traffic is to make sure you build an email list of potential clients and customers from every traffic resources you use (paid or free). Once you build this targeted email list you have complete authority over it.  This ownership may have the potential to generate money on-demand for you. At the least, this list serves as you list of potentially repeat customers. You now no longer have additional marketing costs with this email list. These clients and customer can be sent your best offers in a blast email.  Since this group was targeted you will have a pretty good idea of what they like.

To us, traffic you own is essential to the success of your online business. To get the most out of your marketing efforts you should try to convert paid and free traffic to “owned” as much as possible.

Editorial Team, Market Lingo Review

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